Easy Low Carb Keto Banana Cream Pudding Recipe

The best Southern banana pudding recipe

Ingredients Half And Half Baking Powder Egg Yolks Sugar-Free Instant Vanilla Pudding Almond Milk Heavy Whipping Cream Banana Sugar Free Maple Syrup Vanilla Extract Confectioner'S Erythritol Swipe up for full list

Keto doesn’t mean you have to give up bananas. This keto banana cream pudding recipe includes one thinly sliced banana in the entire pudding.

Vanilla Wafer Instructions – Preheat oven to 350º F. – In a large bowl, melt butter for 8-10 seconds in microwave. Mix in the other wafer ingredients together using a whisk.

On a cookie sheet or non-stick baking sheet, place teaspoons of mix at at least 1/2 in. apart. Flatten with fingers. Dampen fingers with water if cookie mix sticks to your hand.

Instant Cream Pudding Instructions – Soften cream cheese in microwave for at least 30 seconds in a large bowl. Mix.

Add all other ingredients, except banana. Mix with an electric mixer.

In a large dish, layer cookies and thin banana slices, then instant cream mixture. Repeat. Refrigerate 2-4 hours.

HOW DO I MAKE IT BANANA PUDDING LOW CARB? This delicious low-carb banana pudding dessert has 3 parts. 1. The vanilla wafer/ banana layer 2. The instant pudding layer 3. The whipped topping layer

Recipe Info Course: Dessert Cuisine: American Servings: 15

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