Keto Croutons

Admittedly, keto-friendly bread making is something I struggle with and a healthy keto crouton recipe is even harder to come by.

Make this keto crouton recipe for the week ahead. Enjoy with salads, soup or as the main ingredient in our Keto Stuffing. Tastes just like regular stuffing!

I searched and I couldn’t find a decent recipe out there for keto croutons. So, I used a keto bread recipe and turned it into a crunchy keto croutons recipe with some special spices.

Enjoy with salads, soups, or make our keto sausage stuffing recipe with a baked chicken or turkey. This recipe is so versatile.

HOW DO I MAKE THE CROUTONS? First, you’ll want to mix your batter ingredients and bake. I recommend a nice, sturdy cast-iron skillet.

Ingredients Coconut Flour Pepper Melted Butter Poultry Seasoning Almond Flour Eggs Thyme Onion Powder Salt Powdered Erythritol Swipe up for full list

Recipe Info Course: Side Dish Cuisine: American Servings: 8

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