No-Bake Chocolate Cookies (Keto/Low Carb!)

No-baking required for these easy keto cookies made with shredded coconut, cocoa, and pecans. Make this yummy treat in 20 minutes or less!

Sweet, natural flavors.

I always put extra coconut flakes on cookies.

Chewy and sweet.

Gather ingredients.

Melt butter + eryhtritrol.

+ Peanut butter to bowl.

+ Melted butter to peanut butter.

Add cocoa powder.

+ Shredded coconut.

+ Pecans.


I like to use a non-stick pan for easy refrigeration.

Healthy and low in carbs.

Quick and simple treat for meal prepping.

Ingredients Peanut Butter Pecans Shredded Coconut Flaxseed Granulated Erythritrol Cocoa Powder Butter Swipe up for full list

Recipe Info Course: Dessert Cuisine: American Servings: 15

Low Carb Quick

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